Horse riding equipment restored to a high standard

Equitack encompasses a team of extremely seasoned associated qualified professionals to make sure an artisanal product and prime quality. To realize these wonderful results, they solely use high quality materials.

Saddles and riding product

In its plant with trendy and in depth facilities Equitack styles and develops its product by combining ancient acquirement with the progress of the investigation. The work is completed by hand and therefore the expertise of its staff, distributed in areas with specialties: woodwork, cutting space, connection armor, bowls, seats, chairs and assembly internal control. The high qualification of its a hundred employees is value-added to allow the most effective result. All products are factory-made during an ancient approach, as a result of it's the sole thanks to manufacture a high-quality antares saddles. A philosophy has perpetually been to supply the best quality of seats, style and creation, designed to bring comfort to the rider because the used saddles acquires most attention to the horse.

The guaranteeoffer by equitack

This is one amongst our main characteristics of our product, their prime quality. See here as Equitack solely works with skins and leathers of remarkable quality, graduated and developed by vegetable tanning. From ancient animal skin and have passed rigorous needed by European authorities for this sort of stuff. The accessories and fittings are of European producing and evidenced quality. The manufacturing plant encompasses a team dedicated to developing new product with the thought of achieving the best attainable ability of the chair to the movements of the horse and acquires the most effective comfort for the rider. All the higher than permits North American nation to mention that selecting a chair Equitack suggests that selecting quality, durability, care of your horse and luxury for the rider. However, care should be taken that these materials area unit clean. You must additionally avoid applying fat during a thick layer. All seats area unit bonded for six years, since they were used properly and for the aim that they were factory-made.

Horse riding

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