This site offers the chance to buy restored saddles

The majority of saddles for the horses you see on the market no longer last as long as they did in wartime. This is due to the quality of the leather that flows on the market, and especially this strategy of combining it with other products to have an attractive texture.

Saddles available online

All types of saddles are available in online riding shops. Just compare online offers and see what is compatible with your needs. The stools are visible in the catalog of the site with the product sheet its price and others. You have the right to try the saddle for several days before buying it. The shops offer you the best horse accessories, riding equipment (saddles, harness, horse heads, etc.) offering an unbeatable price-quality ratio. Visit our riding articles sections and the horse world, we have more than 5,000 products for horses and saddlery in stock. In the site's terms of sale, it aims to ensure the quality of horse racing products and the best customer service, fully customized to meet your needs.

The saddler's job

A saddler is a profession that already lasts hundreds of years. Now that the know-how has been passed on to future generations, there is a sense of performance in the work and a good way of doing the work. The materials have been innovated to find the goodness of the saddle. This site is currently listed in the Artisan Crafts Directory. They work not only on the development and maintenance of the various garrisons, but also on an important task of teaching the trade, insofar as they offer a three-year garrison diploma. The saddler is "the horse's tailor" and in his workshop, the factory where the craft is developed and perfected, because every day and every year something new is learned, you never get to know this craft completely.

In the saddle manufacturing and repair workshops, they have professional teams for skin, tanning and horse accessories.

Horse riding

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