Buckaroo Woman Unconfined interview part 3- Kelly Martin 

Kelly Martin is one of the few women boot makers in a male dominated industry and she has more than proven she can hang and rattle! In addition to her fabulous boots, she makes all sorts of gear, from girly to tradtional, that is dang sure usable! Add in cowboy friendly pricing, and you've got it made! I have a brand new pair of her armitas and it goes without saying, I can't WAIT for branding season :)

1. Ok, so give us the basics, name, location, what do you do?

Kelly Martin. Battle Mtn Nevada. Boot Maker - sometimes ha ha!

Some of Kelly's boots in progress.

2. Boots? How did you get into that? Not the most typical occupation for a woman...

My Dad is a Boot Maker and I grew up in the shop with him and my mom, she did everything too. Dad ran ranches, but we always had a shop set up some where, a bunkhouse, barn, etc. Sometimes we opened up in town. Dad always told me there's nothing you can't do if you put your mind to it. I love the design part of boots and try to make a tough boot for a working guy. Town dudes need not apply. Not typical for a woman, took the guys a while to trust me but now I make lots of boots for working cowboys and I wouldn't have it any other way. It just kinda happened I guess.

Kelly and her dad on Tough Enough to Wear Pink night.

3. I absolutely LOVE the girlie look you are incorporating into your tack, how do you come up with your ideas?

I try to make one of a kind. I have my own style that comes through in my work, but a lot of women work on the ranch to and even though we're up to our elbows in cow shit doesn't mean we can't look cute! Plus I am a girl and I like girl stuff, but I try to be original. My brain is just off I guess.

One of Kelly's original headstalls featuring John Mincer silver!

4. How important is tradition in terms of your techniques and designs?

Its very important, function is a must an tuff cowboys are hard on stuff so it has to be tuff. I'm pretty old school when it comes to the actual making of my wares, but kind of funky in design. I don't want to make cookie cutter stuff that's why I try hard to keep my designs fresh. Nobody wants to look at the same thing all the time.

5. You have 2 of the cutest granddaughters, how do you like playing grandma?

Grandma is the best! Spoil em! Its great because I get to make little girl cowboy stuff and they love it! Another tradition passed on another generation.

6. When you are not in your shop, where are you most likely to be found?

In my shop. Seems like I live in there lately. Got a little more behind than I like. But horseback as often as possible. Outside I get cabin fever if I stay inside to long.

7. What advice do you have for women looking to pursue dreams as well as be mothers, wives, etc?

Dreams are just things you haven't done yet, Anything is possible and don't let anyone tell you different. When the kids were little we did everything together, moved cows, branded, hauled water, chopped ice, rodeo'd all of it. Be honest to yourself and the rest is easy. Also I always told my kids if they needed therapy later in life it will have been my fault! Ha ha! Live every day like its your last and don't forget to tell the people you love that you love them every day.

8. How does your time horseback influence your work in the shop?

In everything I do, because I have been horseback I know how things work, so I try to build a quality product that functions well.

9. So how do you doll up when you leave the ranch?

Its like playing dress up because my job is dirty, glue, dye, oil, cow shit, horse shit, blood, you know normal stuff. So I like to mix old with new. Cowboy stuff and girlie stuff. My motto is if you think your pulling it off you are rockin that outfit! Plus I try to be original which is hard, but I mostly mix an match.

A pair of Kelly's spur strap sandels (psst, Sam, do you see these???)

10. Favorite 30 minute meal, go!

Mustgo- take every leftover in the fridge mix together and add rice. Cuz sooner or later everything Must Go! If some of the leftovers look a little if'y take a tablespoon of vinegar to ward off any of the stomach issues! Ha ha! I'll never get tired of the look on peoples faces when I tell that!

Kelly will be set up at the Winnemucca Rand Hand Rodeo March 1-3 with all of her wonderful wears! Make sure you stop by and tell her I said it was ok to give her a hard time (she's tough, I know she can take it :))

Can't make the haul to Nevada but would still like to talk with Kelly about your custom order? Shoot her a message on Facebook

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  • Midwest Farm Girl

    Midwest Farm Girl

    OMG. I love the 'everything mustgo' idea, especially with the vinegar. I'll have to try that out haha people get so mad at me because when they raid my fridge more times than not, it'll be a questionable object lol!
    OMG. I love the 'everything mustgo' idea, especially with the vinegar. I'll have to try that out haha people get so mad at me because when they raid my fridge more times than not, it'll be a questionable object lol!