Instagram contest!!!

Ok, so I have probably lost my ever loving mind (are you surprised???) but I am hosting my first Instagram contest for National Cowboy Poetry Week!

I have been hearing for years, “how do we get a younger audience involved in cowboy poetry again?” People can recognize the problem, but few folks have put in to action ways to change it.

The other day I searched the hash tag “cowboy poetry” on Instagram and quite frankly, was a bit disappointed. I think the lack of approachability to the subject and main stream media attention makes it hard for younger folks in the cowboy world to latch on. So I want to try and change that.

This is where the contest comes in. I would love you to post your pictures of your favorite cowboy poetry cds, performers you’ve seen, books, pieces you’ve written, anything cowboy poetry related! If you will hash tag it with #cowboy poetry and tag @thebuckarette (me!) then you’ll be automatically entered to win a digital download of either History in the Barn or Buckaroo Woman Unconfined!!! You can enter every day from now until Sunday.

Good luck and posting!

Have fun, take’r easy and always ride hard!


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  • Art Happens 365

    Art Happens 365

    Well this sounded fun. How many entries and who won?

    Well this sounded fun. How many entries and who won?