Meet Jessica and her passion for horses

Jessica is the new star of the equestrian during the Olympic Games, she plans a training program until 2024 and our journalist has been following her for some time.

The horse is my passion

In competitions, says the American, who grew up on a farm full of horses: "I am Jessica the rider and no one else. My father doesn't jump in my place and my horses don't care where I come from or who I am. Ranked 70th in the world and number 5 in the United States, Jessica leads a 6-horse cavalry in Florida. His ambition is to qualify for the US team to compete in the Tokyo Olympics. Her dream is not a record, but a gold medal: "It sounds difficult said that way, but one day I think I will succeed. I still have at least three more chances to do the Olympic Games: Tokyo, Paris in 2024 which would be great because I really love this city. Until then, the rider will always be able to count on the support of her admiring father's rockstar.

A passion she discovers with her grandmother

She and her mother run a training stable together. It includes many aspects such as the different equestrian practices commonly referred to as equitation, the knowledge and understanding of the "horse animal" when talking about its breeds of horses and ponies, anatomy, types, reproduction. As well as the equipment for the horse, for the rider, but also for the stables, in parallel with health and care to have a healthy horse and know how to react if necessary. Finally, the professions that revolve around the horse: veterinarians, dentists, osteopaths... We will also discuss the themes of specialized organizations: National Stud farms, FFE, associations... The passion of the horse is also about services and sales: horses for sale, purchases, half board.

According to an academic definition, horseback riding is the art of riding. It is practiced under the aspects of leisure, sport, and when the rider is confirmed.